Tiki Surf Project

broaden your range of maneuvers
and improve your surfing level!

Do you want to continue to evolve in your surfing level?
Então a Tiki Surf Project é o local ideal para ti!

whether it's free surfing or the competition side

A Tiki tem um know how adquirido ao longo de mais de 7 anos no circuito and also in the Professional League (Meo League), which is fundamental in this type of sports events. 

Not everyone can be Kelly Slater, but we guarantee pure fun and the search for the best spots for you and your friends.

what includes

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Shot Training

Recorded training
in and out of the water

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Technical Analysis

Individualized technical analysis with error correction

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Swimming Training

Functional training customized to your objectives

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Skateboarding Training

Specific training to perfect maneuvers and balance

Adapt your Schedule

Choose from our class packs of 1, 2 or 3 times a week to receive a tailor-made training. 

Price on request.

How to check your surfing level?

Go to our Instagram and get to know us better! There we show you exclusive content for lovers of the sea, the beach and the fresh air!

Mergulha no Tiki Surf Project para veres as tuas manobras a evoluir! E claro, fazeres parte desta família.

If you're ready to go to the Outside... If you already control the changes of direction with your board and you can cut the wave to the beach:

Intermediate level.

If you've been surfing for a few years, you know how to maneuver and feel safe in all kinds of seas, but you still think you're ready to increase your range of maneuvers:
Advanced level.

Surf Trip

Are you in the mood for new horizons?
Meet new beaches and dare to have new experiences.