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A História do Shaka

According to Hawaiian tradition, he attributes the gesture to Kalili Hamana from Laie village, who lost the three middle fingers of his hand while working on a sugar cane plantation in Kahuku.

For this reason, Hamana started to watch the trucks carrying the sugar cane, and when they were completely empty, he made the gesture, to give a sign of it. Over the years, it became the Shaka, a typically used greeting in Hawaii.

Rafael Nóbrega

Founder and Coach

It was in Costa da Caparica that it all started, in a short walk with the family, he saw surfers in the water and decided he also wanted to be a surfer. Without even asking his parents for a surfboard, they told him no, he first had to have good grades so he could have surf lessons in the summer and then if he liked it his parents would buy him a surfboard.

With the defined goal, he achieved what he wanted and since the first wave, he never wanted to live without that feeling.

During his junior career he won several regional titles and reached the top 10 national under 18 during the years he participated in this
category. Since he began his senior career he has maintained his assiduous presence in regional championships until today.

During the 7 years he has surfing he began to realize that he has a great passion for transmitting what he has already learned and there he decided to create the Shaka Surf Academy in order to share his passion for this wave sport that is surfing.



I have always been fascinated by the sea and nature, so as soon as I got a chance, I started surfing - my favorite water sport.

Later I started monitoring children in surf clinics, surfing during my college vacation, and that experience led me to the surf coach course.

What motivates me to teach is to share the joy and smiles that this sport and the contact with the sea give and that only those who experience know.

Lourenço Marques


I was introduced to this sport when I was about 10 years old, when I asked my father for a board.

Initially, I was the only one who practiced the sport, but I quickly passed the love for it to the whole family.
The years passed but the passion for the sport and the sea continued, so much so that I decided to take the surf coach course.

It is something indescribable, to be able to teach our sport of choice, and to be able to share the feeling of happiness that it brings us.

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